Your Project

Meeting people.

Our approach is, above all, huma. It helps us to know your universe and find Your Home !


Our Expertise

With a sharp eye.

We decrypt the real estate ads, and decode their photos and texts.

With a 15-year-experience, our selection is drastic and we do not waste time.

The search

Relentless !

We scan all that is on the market, with specific efficient software. Thanks to our network, we are informed of the best Off Market deals, before they are on the net. We hurry up and visit the most suitable properties and email you detailed and objetctive reports.

Your time is precious

Save it for those you love.

We know that you have thousands of things to do and run after time, that’s why we work relentless and we are so responsive. You will select and only visit la crème de la crème, thanks to our objective reports.

Our Network

It is our strong point

A close collaboration with the different actors of the market we have worked with for more than15 years. We get and visit new properties in Preview, that you would not have access to.

The place to be !

The Perfect Home !

We offer support and advice getting the best possible value and the right prices from owners and agencies.

And after ?

We can provide different partners, selected for their quality standard : undertakers, architects, designers, bank brokers…

We can also provide « work supervision » or « interior design » packages. If it is an investment, we can also help you to rent it out.

About Ethics

Professionalism and smiles.

Our « exclusive » contracts : you do not have to search anymore ; Peace of mind : you have ONE contact / Time saving : you visit only the most suitable properties / Say goodbye to stress : you know we keep working for you.

On ours side, being paid at the sale agreement and boosted by the trust you put in us, we are totally involved and dedicated to your project.


Carte Professionnelle de Transaction N° 7501 2017 000 019 299, delivered by Préfecture de Paris. Professionnal insurance : Assurance Responsabilité Civile Professionnelle S.A.A. N° 103165800.


Member of Fédération Française des Chasseurs Immobiliers.

FFCI Fédération chasseur chasseurs immobilier d'appartements d'appartement

à vos souhaits ! and the FFCI in Marie-Claire magazine ! ->



French law

Real Estate Hunters in France are regulated by the law (loi Hoguet of January 2nd, 1970). à vos souhaits ! is also a member of the FFCI (French federation) and strictly follows its ethic rules.

Consequently, no fees will be asked on top of the commission indicated on the contract signed by you. These commissions will be paid only after the suspensive conditions are realized and at the latest on the day of the definitive signature.

Our commission being paid at the very end of our mision, we are fully involoved in your home search !


Depending on the budget

Less than 450.000 euros : 3% + VAT with a minimum of 12000€

From 450.001 euros to 750.000 euros : 2,75% + VAT

From 750.001 euros to 1.000.000 euros : 2,5 % + VAT

From 1.000.001 euros to 1.500.000 euros : 2,25 % + VAT

From 1.500.001 euros to 2.000.000 euros : 2 % + VAT

Above 2.000.000 euros : please contact us.

VAT : 20%

Our expertise in negociation and our network may help, when possible, to reduce the sale price and real estate fees, and compensate our fees.

They are happy !

« I have known Nathalie and Beatrice for a number of years and when it came time to buy my new apartment, I did not have to think twice who I would have be in charge of representing my interests. Dealing with them is a pure joy and felt like they were there to help me during every step of the processes. Their specific know-how and numerous professional & personal contacts in the business places them in an unique position from where they can take advantage of opportunities for their clients which other can only dream about. I think about them every time I sit on my sunny terrace, holding a glass of red wine and enjoying a stunning post card view of entire Paris. I can’t thank them enough for my good fortune! »


They are happy !

Trop génial !!!!!!!!!
Merci beaucoup les filles, vous avez été top !!!

Dounia et Céline

They are happy !

Déménager à plus de 1000 km pour des seniors est mission impossible sans une assistance active externe.

Nathalie et Béatrice ont tout pris en main : recherche sur place, pré-visites et compte-rendus étayés avec photos, planification sur deux courtes journées des visites des seuls lots retenus… Mais ce ne fut pas tout : A distance : aides précieuses dans les négociations, recherches et choix des artisans pour les travaux, négociations des devis, suivis des travaux proprement dits en nous tenant régulièrement informés de leurs évolutions, aide et suggestions pour la décoration, démarches et formalités diverses : Tout cela avant notre arrivée et avec sourire et amabilité.

Nous sommes ravis des prestations de « A Vos Souhaits », en quelques mois seulement nous nous sommes rapprochés de nos enfants, sans stress et sans effort.

Mireille et Michel

Who are we?

Work, enthousiasm, friendship and sincerity in what we do, are values that we share. We always see the glass as half full, we love meeting new people and work with passion.

Nathalie Bachelot

Time saving…

This is what we all dream of. Technology allows us to do manything at the same time, so we now have to re addapt ourselves to take our time : to enjoy. And you ? what will you do with the time we will help you to save ?

Béatrice Billiard

Meeting new people…

This is also what we like in doing this job. Each new search is unique because each person is unique. We are sincerily involved in each search because finding your new Home means also great emotions for us !

Please contact us

à vos souhaits !

8, Rue Saint Joseph – 75002 Paris / tel : 06 84 48 87 91 / tel : 06 08 99 59 25